About Us

Sweetwater – where does the name come from?

The Kiewa River flows from the mountains of the Victorian High Country.  The town of Mount Beauty sits on the banks of the Kiewa River where it emerges from steep mountain valleys into the wider fertile valley of the same name.  The Kiewa takes its name from the word for 'sweetwater' used by the indigenous tribes that travelled each summer to the high plains of it's headwaters.

Sweetwater Brewing Company is based and brewing in the beautiful town of Mount Beauty and has adopted this name in recognition of the history of the area and the important part that the pure clear mountain water of the Kiewa River plays in the beer we brew.  The traditional great beers of the world are characterised by their source water and it is this tradition that Sweetwater Brewing Company aims to continue, brewing beers where the soft mountain water allows the flavours of the malt, hops and yeast of our hand crafted brews to shine through.